Kelsey (neonr0se) wrote,

Pokemon Want List :)

MY main collection stuff, if you have anything of any of these pokemon that I dont have I will buy

Lugia Stuff:
  • Lugia tomys
  • Large lugia pokecenter plushes
  • Lugia Zukan
  • Clear attack lugia kid

Raikou Stuff:
  • Larger Pokecenter Raikou plush
  • Shiny Raikou Pokedoll
  • Raikou tomys
  • Raikou kids
  • Raikou Zukan

Scraggy Stuff

Hydreigon (and earlier forms)


Archeops and archen stuff

Other pokemon stuff I want:
  • Charizard UFO plush
  • Magikarp Pokedoll
  • Light up talking pikachu plush with wiggling ears
  • Serpenterior pokedoll
  • Houndour pokedoll
  • DX fuzzy raichu
  • Kecleon plush
  • porygon 2 plush
  • articuno, moltres burger king plushes
  • natu pokedoll
  • Blitzle pokedoll
  • Zekrom and Reshiram Pokedolls
  • Darumaka pokecenter plush
  • Keldeo pokecenter plush
  • Entei and Suicune pokedolls
  • Ditto pikachu plush

I will buy custom plushies too :)

Other stuff:
  • Anything guilmon or growlmon related
  • Large 38" Maleficent Dragon Plush
  • Anything Dr. Who related!
  • Okamiden chibiterasu plush
  • Large Disney's Brave Elinor bear form plush
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